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"Sacraments are food for the journey
we want to walk with you"


In the Parish we run three age-based youth groups: for primary school children we have Stars of Abraham (from school year 3 to 6), for young people at secondary school we have Grail Seekers (from school year 7 to 9) and for teenagers from school year 10 till sixth form we have Student Youth. The aim of these groups is to learn how to live as Christians.


Regarding the preparation to receive First Holy Communion and Confirmation, we believe that rather than proposing programs or a course with a beginning and an end, it is important to give children and teenagers the opportunity to being involved in something wider: an everlasting friendship with Jesus within his Body, the Church.


That's why if a child or a teenager wants to be prepared to receive First Holy Communion (and is at least in school year 3) or Confirmation (and is at least in school year 9) we will ask them to come regularly to one of the three groups according to their age. They will receive the First Holy Communion or Confirmation when they are ready (usually after one year).

The focus is not on the sacrament but on Christian life. The sacrament is part of this never ending Christian life. Click the links below to join one of the groups.


Marriage Preparation will follow the same idea. The couples who come to get married are all different from each other. But they arrive with a very open heart. It is the opportunity for us to evangelise. That is why we want to speak to them about Jesus, the Church and the Sacraments (in 8 meetings throughout the year) and help them to know our community better (we will invite them to the groups that we have for adults). Click the link below for more information.


For Baptism Preparation, alongside the Essential Baptism Preparation Session, there is the opportunity for the families to meet personally the priests (at lunch or dinner) and some adults of the Parish. They are also invited to be part of the Community. Click the link below for more information.


The Sacramental Preparation for Adults (RCIA) follows the same logic.  Click the link below for more information.

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