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school year 7, 8 and 9

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Grail Seekers is a group of friends in search for true happiness. It is not a “time out” from daily life, but helps us to make sense of what we live, discovering that every aspect of our life is precious and valuable and that in every circumstance you can experience the gaze of Someone who loves you and makes you grow. Eventually this is all that we want!

The group is open to all young people in school year 7 to 9. We also accept on request kids in school year 6. When we meet we play games, sing songs, and share our lives together. Occasionally we also organise day trips and outdoor charitable activities. 

When and Where

We usually meet on Friday evening at Holy Cross Resource Centre .

Check in the calendars below for our next meetings, times and venues.



Young people's parents/guardians need to


fill for the current year the online annual registration form by clicking the link below

sign up their kids for every meeting or event they will attend, by clicking on "sign up" in the calendar below


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