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    ST EDWARD'S    


191-193 Winchester Road - Chandlers Ford - SO53 2DU

St Edward the Confessor Church was erected through the generosity of Mrs Edward Christian, the American born wife of the Lord of the Manor of Otterbourne, and consecrated on 10th March 1938 by Bishop Cotter.  It served as a Mass Centre until the appointment of Fr Frank Scantlebury in April 1966. 

Since then, the Parish has been served by Fathers Edward Conway, Peter Wilkie, Tony Cashman, Robin Sanders and Tony Sitti from Thailand. 

The church was doubled in size and cloister rooms added in 1988/89.


St Edward the Confessor became King of England in 1042 and was the son of King Ethelred the Unready.  His reputation for holiness, which began during his life, was based on his accessibility to his subjects and for his remarkable generosity to the poor. 

He was never happier than when giving alms.  He was also made out, in the manner of the times, as a great miracle-worker who was not only generous but also kind and chaste.  He died on 5 January 1066, one week after the opening of Westminster Abbey Church which he had re-founded. 

His feast-day is 13th October.

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