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"The most terrible poverty is loneliness and the feeling of being unloved

Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Everyone is in need, because everyone is in search of Someone who can truly love them. Everything we do in our Parish, from celebrating Mass to run our parish groups for families, young people and adults, is done only for the purpose of bringing people closer to God, the One who can defeat loneliness.

People who live in poverty and suffer from loneliness remind us more than others of this truth. For this reason our Parish is committed in helping those in need particularly through these actions


1. Food bank: When we gather with our youth groups we ask them to bring regularly food for the poor, that the leaders of the group will personally deliver to Eastleigh Food Bank food bank. We also give the opportunity to everyone coming to Mass to donate food to Poitiers Care, using a dedicated box.

2. Homeless: In all of our Churches you can find a box where we encourage people also to donate clothes for the homeless through Two Saints charity.

3. Elderly: Our Priests and volunteers are also visiting the elderly at home, giving them comfort and friendship

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